Sunday, August 16, 2009

...BAD NEWS...

So, I know I've been really really lazy... but I have excuses. I have recently joined the world of employment, and I've been working on some shoe designs for a friend with a label (more later).

And, the bad news... they've cancelled the shoe making course I was doing, which is the only real shoe making course in the state, and one of only two Australia-wide. It's a shame, and their reasoning - it's a hobby course only, no-one is taking it to a career level and all shoe design/making is being done off-shore. The worst thing they can do in such a situation? Shut down the only course that lets people learn these skills! A more reasonable solution would be to have a course that ran more than one day a week, turn it into a course where people can learn the skills they need to turn it into a career.

Anyway, like I said I'm working on some shoes for a friend's label and we're hoping to get samples made up soon...


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  2. great blog, so you're a shoe designer? wow, i'm definitely following now! haha

  3. what that is so stupid! hope everything works out!

  4. i would love to do a shoemaking course (one of many on the list). bummer that they're stopping it - how are we going to keep the crafts alive?