Sunday, February 22, 2009


They might be hideous, but seeming as I didn't design them (it was a set design exercise - see previous post), and they're my first pair of shoes, I'm still proud of them!


They're a size 12.5, so there's no way I can actually wear them (not that I would want to...), but I got a pair of lasts (the foot shaped model you build shoes on) in my size for the next pair we're making.

I made every part of the shoe from scratch - there were no pre-made parts. We cut the insole and stretched leather around it, attached the straps, cut and sanded the sole to shape, made the heel, and put it all together.

Today we started work on pattern making, and we're making a closed in, flat court shoe (which are only marginally more attractive than the shoes in this post...) Pattern making is super interesting - even if you plan on getting shoes manufactured, rather than making them yourself, it shows you what's possible, and gives you a real understanding of the shoe.. I just wish my practical skills were a bit more advanced! I can't wait to start making shoes that I've designed...


I know these boots are a bit old, but I'm in love. And they're on sale down the road...

They're from the Opening Ceremony & Chloe Sevigny collaboration.

There's one pair left, and they're my size, and they're so perfect. BUT are they worth getting my credit card out for?

Maybe this is where that stimulus cheque from a certain Mr. Rudd will be going...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I haven't been too impressed with much I've seen from New York Fashion Week, but I'm so in love with the Rodarte Fall 2009 collection. There's not much to say, the images speak for themselves - such a beautifully considered collection as a whole (rather than the one or two statement pieces so often seen). 

I especially love the silver jacket in the second image...

The thigh-high grey and black boots by brit Nicholas Kirkwood completed the collection perfectly - I kind of feel it wouldn't have been the same collection without the delectable soft leather bandage-style boots. Are mummified feet going to be the next big thing? I can only hope so. These are a little Edward Scissorhands-esque... which I love. I wish I could see the heel on them though - Kirkwood shoes have such amazingly unique silhouettes.

I wasn't, however, such a fan of the heels he did for Rodarte SS09. I love the signature reverse platform, but I'm not a fan of all the straps and chains... they feel a bit tacky compared to most of his other work which is pretty much wearable art.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I was inspired by Camille from Childhood Flames and Lily from The House of Mirth to DIY a pair of shoes from Zara that I've had for over a year and worn twice. I pretty much bought them because they were on sale for 10 pounds - they're a nude colour that looks great in theory but is really hard to put into practice! I figure I'll get a lot more wear out of them in black.

This is what they used to look like...

I used black nail polish instead of permanent marker - it was a little streaky and worrying after only one coat, but great after two.

I showed my house mate these and she laughed because she thought I was keeping one black and one nude, but no, they're only half done as I ran out of cheap black nail polish and only had OPI left (which I didn't want to use on my shoes). So it's really only the front that's properly finished, which is why there are a few spots around the edge. I love the shiny patent look of the nail polish, and the black on black studs.

When they are eventually finished I'm going to wear them with this...

Khaki jacket: vintage. White tee: ...ADD (from Singapore). Leather skirt: vintage. Wool tights: GAP

Monday, February 16, 2009


I got given this beautiful painting by Sydney street artist Ears for Christmas from the boy. I've only just gotten around to scanning it though.

I love his work - I feel as if it really blurs the lines traditionally laid down between street and fine art. We went to an exhibition called Cardboard City at Oh Really Gallery in Newtown where a group of artists had all done works on cardboard and were selling them for $20 each straight off the walls - such a fantastic way to make art accessible to everyone. 

Here's a few of the Ears pieces on the streets around Sydney - see more of his images on his website.. ears to the ground.

My boy's having an exhibition of his photographs at Oh Really Gallery from 25th June to 2nd July - can't wait to see it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday was Valentines Day. Most people class Valentines Day into one of four categories:

1. A day of love and happiness
2. A day of hideous depression
3. A commercially crass non-holiday
4. A complete non-event

I waver between putting it in 1, 3 and 4 - depending on my mood, and who I have to share it with.

This year it was a day of love - and I got given the cutest pony necklace! I love how it ties into the whole tribal thing, but is totally unique.

I'm also wearing this killer fang ring by No Tommorow - it's actually a friend of mine's and she lost it when we were out for her farewell - she moved to London on Monday and I found the ring in my bag on the Saturday! Looks like I'll have to post it back... I might have to invest in one for myself though - I love! The sheer mesh top I'm wearing was thrifted for $6- Bargain!


I was just looking at shoes on Amazon (a surprisingly good place to find shoes on sale) and I found these spike ballet fetish boots by Pleaser (yes... ballet fetish. Who'd have thought?). Strangely enough there's something I quite like about them. The ankle boots are infinitely preferable to the shoes with the ugly strap across the front - although I can't even begin to imagine trying to walk in them with the 7" heel!

Perhaps I'm going insane...

I also found these boots by Palladium which I'm seriously considering. I love the buckles, and the straps, and the mid-calf length, but I'm a bit unsure buying shoes online if I haven't seen the quality in person...

shoe images: Amazon

I'm imagining them with a t-shirt over leather skirt look - like Erin Wasson in the old photo below. How amazing is her t-shirt Now you little monkeys wanna be guerrillas.

I love. I want.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am in love with pastel and candy coloured nail polish right now - especially OPI colours.


Do You Lilac It?, Gargantuan Green Grape, Los Cabos Coral

These are the ones I just bought. My favorite is Do You Lilac It? The colour is so easy to wear with pretty much anything. I'm looking for matte light grey nail polish for winter - does anyone know where I can get some?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...SHOULD I...

I'm lusting after this studded grey BCBGMaxAzria belt...

The mosaic of pyramid studs is gorgeous, as is the silver on grey. They have a Spring promotion on their tempting.

Maybe I'll wait until I get that stud setting tool and try a DIY version? I could try a patent black version with brass studs too.

...I ♥ KATE...

I am completely in love with Kate Lanphear (US editor of ELLE).

I love her hair. (I'm thinking of growing mine like this...)

I love her monochromatic, slightly androgynous wardrobe.

Images: Garance Dore

I love all of her bangles.

I sound like a stalker. I'm not. Really.

I just kind of want to be Kate Lanphear. But doesn't everyone?

Monday, February 9, 2009


So, I started my shoe design and production course yesterday! Hooray! Such a struggle to get up at 7am though... but with the assistance of caffeine I managed to get through the morning.

First we bought tools. I know I'm probably the only one interested in this, but I've posted a photo (it did set me back over $200 - so I've got every right to be excited by them...)

clockwise: tack pincers (for the hammering and removing of tacks. As the name would suggest.), hammer (with sexy red handle.), not quite sure... we didn't cover this one on the first day, protective goggles, dust mask, scissors (well, duh.)

And a rather (un)sexy photo of me wearing the above protective goggles (which give me crazy eyes) and dust mask (which makes me feel a bit like Darth Vader).

We've already started making a pair of sandals - which was surprising, in a good way - I thought we'd be covering theory on the first day, but instead we got to play with pneumatic in-sole presses! The sandals are even less sexy than the above photo. But it was very exciting nonetheless.

I'm looking for a stud setting tool so I can stud them and make them a bit more attractive. Although I don't know why I'm bothering - the last (which, as I learnt, is the foot shaped model you make shoes on) that I'm using is a size 12.5 - I'm a size 8.5. They just handed them out randomly, as I guess they (rightly) assumed no one would wear such ugly sandals.

I'm still going to stud mine. I'm thinking lots of tiny brass studs.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I am loving this look from a few days ago at The Sartorialist.

The muted khaki and chocolate palette, the relaxed silhouette of the jacket, the bag, the snakeskin pumps - but most of all the loosely tailored khaki pants. I want! According to one of the comments on The Sartorialist they're from ZARA.

Why don't we have ZARA in Australia? The stores are pretty much everywhere else in the world. I heard a rumour they would be here by 2010. All that waiting...

If we did have ZARA, I would be buying the grey tailored harem-like pants and the nude jacket.

These tan booties with no tongue look like knock-offs of the Ann Demeulemeester RTW Spring Summer '09 boots - I'm loving the cut out heel detail on the ZARA version.

On the topic of ZARA designer knock-offs - their version of the Balmain studded heel is one of the better ones I've seen around. I loved these when I first saw them, now I've seen so many (not so great) knock-offs I'm not too sure...


Seeming as there is absolutely no way I can afford the real ones in either case, I'd love to get my hands on the ZARA versions...but until they come to Australia, or start an online store it looks like I'll be playing the waiting game... And hoping they do a knock-off of the denim military jacket with those incredible sculpted shoulders.

images from and zara


Lust Haves

Chloe mongolian lamb coat, Topshop feather bolero, Topshop cropped lace top, Vintage bustier, Acne leather mini skirt, La Garçonne long harem pants, Roberto Cavalli snake ring, Mawi black crystal ring, Roberto Cavalli hexagonal bangle, Tejani black and gold cuff, Cuttler & Gross black round glasses, Ray Ban clubmasters, Ann Demeulemeester triple lace boots, YSL Tribute boots, Rick Owens cut out wedge boots, Chloe studded ankle boots, Tom Binns neon stone cuff

Lusting after all this and so much more... especially these Rick Owens cut out wedge boots. It would be like having a mummified foot - in a good, Rick Owens way.

Thursday, February 5, 2009



I finally saw that Louis Vuitton dress from the RTW Spring 2009 collection. So long as it's not on Madonna, it's gorgeous.