Monday, April 6, 2009


This is my first attempt at lasting a shoe (i.e. shaping it around the last). We didn't design this shoe, so again it's kinda ugly. Apologies for the shit photos, I'm housesitting and have no camera other than my mac...

The counter (the piece that stiffens the heel) is a bit dodge because our teachers don't give us access to anything even mildly expensive until we can actually make a shoe. So we used pieces of leather. We used pink floral fabric covered in Clag for the toe puff (the piece that puffs the toe between the lining and upper). 

In the last photo you can see the underside (it was just an exercise so there's no sole...) You have to put tacks all around the shoe (but they only stay in around the heel) and my thumbs are completely ruined from all the hammering and pulling and stretching and screw ups where I hit my thumb instead of the tack. Nevertheless I am loving that I just made a kind of shoe. 

I called my shoe Fred. My friend called his shoe Nancy. Everyone else in class thinks we're weird, but it makes sense because the lasts have really cheesy names. The shoe I'm working on at the moment is Margo.


  1. Fantastic, lasting is such a f##ker...we should meet up I think the Despotic Queen needs to interview you....hit me back!

  2. lol aren't you just the cutest!? :O

    Actually I have a tendency to call unecessary items names too.. so i shouldn't really be talking!

    Fantastic job! What course are you taking at school btw? Wicked that you work around shoe prints!

    xx Eeli

  3. What a fantastic course to do! I had no idea that these types existed lol.

    All the best on your endeavours!

  4. wow, those tribute knockoffs are well... good knockoffs! haha. they look so real. wow. but hmmm... i'm definitely keeping my eyes open for a knockoff of the YSL cage bootie... THE IT shoe for me at this point. hope i could find it!

    much love