Thursday, April 2, 2009


Just put these boots on lay-by... the photo doesn't do them justice at all and as soon as I pick them up I will take a better photo.

I've been looking for a pair of mid-calf, motorcycle-esque boots, and these are so comfortable! I'm now trying to convince myself that I do need another pair of black boots...

They're by Tilly Rose, an Australian label that I don't know too much about...

It was either the boots above, or these boots from Mimco (I can't find any bigger picture...). They grey was working for me, but they just weren't as comfortable as the Tilly Rose ones.

I also tried on these futuristic flats at Mimco. I need more flats in my wardrobe, kinda desperately! But these were very strangely designed - the top ankle strap sits right on top of your ankle bone and is hugely uncomfortable... so a no-go. In theory though, I like them a lot!
update: just want to add that I do think Mimco shoes (actually most things at Mimco) are ridiculously overpriced and the quality is not great (I got given a bangle not so long ago that broke after one wear!) but I know someone who works there and they get 70% off shoes which makes them pretty cheap (obviously no-one is spending $500 ^ on their shoes... why would you when you can get designer shoes for the same price?) Still didn't buy anything though...


  1. You've totally made the right decision. Your Tilly Rose ones are fab.

    Mimco shoes are weird. They're almost really nice but there's always something not quite right. And they're REALLY expensive for what they are.

  2. The tilly rose ones look very kate moss cool, a good choice. and i agree with Lily mimco shoes are always a bit funny and don't just seem to work as they're suppose too.

  3. cute shoes, the tilly ones are ver rock and roll xx

  4. The boots you got a llllovely and the flats are so pretty too! x

  5. the last pair was gorgeous! well, im sure you'll get something else worth the price.

    much love


  6. Jeepers! Thats one expensive brand!!! As for the tootsie heaven I like the tilly Rose pair the best! I think it will run through more seasons and you DO NOT want to know what that emoticon stands for lol. I leaft i message in the comments seshion that should clear things up! >_<

    Hope you've been well dollface


  7. Tilly rose boots. Very well made. Very comfortable. A rising label! Will last for years!