Saturday, May 9, 2009

...I ♥ RICK...

I am still in love with these Rick Owens boots... Driving down Oxford St. in Paddington I swear I caught sight of a pair in a shop window. I definitely have to go confirm, but whatever they were they looked like they belong in my closet.


  1. these shoes deserve their own section of a closet

  2. Good lord! Now THEY are a pair of boots! I wonder how much they are? I saw a pair of rick owens tracky dacks that were $800, so I'd imagine those boots must be AT LEAST $3000.

  3. i love the new rick owens boots... they stunning and will go with pretty much anything!

    xx, Geri

  4. gorgeous, but only some people can pull it off.

  5. i love those boots, truth be told! but i read somewhere that theyre so hard to put on?! well, who would care, right? if you can have them then by all means!

    much love