Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So it's been a while since I've posted anything... I'm a terrible blogger. I've been super busy helping my boyfriend with a new space he's opening (and which I'll post about later)

My boyfriend got these for me from a fashion show - they're hilarious, not sure how much wear I can get out of them though! Just really cheap shoes with gold chain, zipper and toy basketball stuck on the heel... apparently the stylist had a budget of $30/pair of shoes!

I wore them out the other night to a 90's hip hop night and I've never had so many comments on my shoes - goes to show what you can do on a low budget with a bit of imagination.


  1. they're actuall really cool and u would probably be taken seriously without the basketball lol!!

  2. Ha! Great shoes! The basketball is hilarious!

    The jacket is just some random's from ebay. I totally would have bought it if it wasn't so small! I might have a go at making one if I get time on the holidays.

  3. Hi,

    These are funnny.
    Won't they make you wobble like this ?

    Have fun,


  4. do cyberspace rules allow me to comment on the
    "mankies" or just the shoes...haxxx

  5. Holly bug squashers!