Saturday, February 14, 2009


I was just looking at shoes on Amazon (a surprisingly good place to find shoes on sale) and I found these spike ballet fetish boots by Pleaser (yes... ballet fetish. Who'd have thought?). Strangely enough there's something I quite like about them. The ankle boots are infinitely preferable to the shoes with the ugly strap across the front - although I can't even begin to imagine trying to walk in them with the 7" heel!

Perhaps I'm going insane...

I also found these boots by Palladium which I'm seriously considering. I love the buckles, and the straps, and the mid-calf length, but I'm a bit unsure buying shoes online if I haven't seen the quality in person...

shoe images: Amazon

I'm imagining them with a t-shirt over leather skirt look - like Erin Wasson in the old photo below. How amazing is her t-shirt Now you little monkeys wanna be guerrillas.

I love. I want.


  1. Good Lord! Those ballet shoes are quite something! I'm also a bit reticent to buy shoes online. I've been lusting after Loeffler Randall boots for YEARS, but it's too hard with sizes and things tend to look great in pictures but you never know what they're really like.

  2. holy shit! those boots would be impossible to do anything in except sit! but they are amazing- i've never seen any quite so high!

  3. wow, thos ballet shoes really are one of a kind! so amazing :)

  4. the first pairs are louboutin????? he did a similar collection for the exhibition with David Lynch:

  5. it's not the hight the I'd mind , those look painful , Yikes !
    But that Tshirt is pretty neat , where can you find similr ones?

  6. Victoria: I'm not sure... I was thinking of making my own :)