Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I was inspired by Camille from Childhood Flames and Lily from The House of Mirth to DIY a pair of shoes from Zara that I've had for over a year and worn twice. I pretty much bought them because they were on sale for 10 pounds - they're a nude colour that looks great in theory but is really hard to put into practice! I figure I'll get a lot more wear out of them in black.

This is what they used to look like...

I used black nail polish instead of permanent marker - it was a little streaky and worrying after only one coat, but great after two.

I showed my house mate these and she laughed because she thought I was keeping one black and one nude, but no, they're only half done as I ran out of cheap black nail polish and only had OPI left (which I didn't want to use on my shoes). So it's really only the front that's properly finished, which is why there are a few spots around the edge. I love the shiny patent look of the nail polish, and the black on black studs.

When they are eventually finished I'm going to wear them with this...

Khaki jacket: vintage. White tee: ...ADD (from Singapore). Leather skirt: vintage. Wool tights: GAP


  1. FABULOUS! I'm so proud! It would actually be quite amusing if you wore the two different colours. Reminds me of 1996 when my friend and I got Converse All Stars in 2 different colours and swapped and wore one of each colour. And then I came up with the terrible idea of wearing one Doc Marten and one All Star, but that didn't work too well coz of the uneven heel heights, so I walked like I had some sort of injury. Tragic!

  2. What a great idea to make use of what you have , but cannot use (if that makes sense LOL). I applaud you for making effort to make them usable. I have tons and tons of stuff exactly like you descriped and only worn once or never , I have no idea or courage as what to do with them.
    Post more ideas to inspire us! great post girl.
    P.S: I've lurked your site for a while now , but htis is my first post, Love Ya !

  3. haha its great =) I wish i had nude colored shoes.. unfortunately, my shoe collection needs work and so does my creativity!

  4. you did a fantastic job with the shoes!