Sunday, February 22, 2009


They might be hideous, but seeming as I didn't design them (it was a set design exercise - see previous post), and they're my first pair of shoes, I'm still proud of them!


They're a size 12.5, so there's no way I can actually wear them (not that I would want to...), but I got a pair of lasts (the foot shaped model you build shoes on) in my size for the next pair we're making.

I made every part of the shoe from scratch - there were no pre-made parts. We cut the insole and stretched leather around it, attached the straps, cut and sanded the sole to shape, made the heel, and put it all together.

Today we started work on pattern making, and we're making a closed in, flat court shoe (which are only marginally more attractive than the shoes in this post...) Pattern making is super interesting - even if you plan on getting shoes manufactured, rather than making them yourself, it shows you what's possible, and gives you a real understanding of the shoe.. I just wish my practical skills were a bit more advanced! I can't wait to start making shoes that I've designed...


  1. Wow! They look like proper shoes! Really well made and everything. I've been making clothes for years now and it took about 5 years for me to be able to make something that even looked vaguely well made enough to look like proper article of clothing. It'll be soooo exciting when you can make your own designs!

  2. Oooh well done! Been waiting to see these for a while!
    Good luck with the next pair xox

  3. how exciting!! I wish I could go back and do shoe school all over again.