Monday, February 9, 2009


So, I started my shoe design and production course yesterday! Hooray! Such a struggle to get up at 7am though... but with the assistance of caffeine I managed to get through the morning.

First we bought tools. I know I'm probably the only one interested in this, but I've posted a photo (it did set me back over $200 - so I've got every right to be excited by them...)

clockwise: tack pincers (for the hammering and removing of tacks. As the name would suggest.), hammer (with sexy red handle.), not quite sure... we didn't cover this one on the first day, protective goggles, dust mask, scissors (well, duh.)

And a rather (un)sexy photo of me wearing the above protective goggles (which give me crazy eyes) and dust mask (which makes me feel a bit like Darth Vader).

We've already started making a pair of sandals - which was surprising, in a good way - I thought we'd be covering theory on the first day, but instead we got to play with pneumatic in-sole presses! The sandals are even less sexy than the above photo. But it was very exciting nonetheless.

I'm looking for a stud setting tool so I can stud them and make them a bit more attractive. Although I don't know why I'm bothering - the last (which, as I learnt, is the foot shaped model you make shoes on) that I'm using is a size 12.5 - I'm a size 8.5. They just handed them out randomly, as I guess they (rightly) assumed no one would wear such ugly sandals.

I'm still going to stud mine. I'm thinking lots of tiny brass studs.


  1. That's so cool! What school do you go to?

  2. I'm doing the course at tafe in Australia - it's the only school around here that offers shoe design and production!

  3. That is so exciting! I didn't even know you could study shoe design here. I bet it's hard.