Sunday, February 22, 2009


I know these boots are a bit old, but I'm in love. And they're on sale down the road...

They're from the Opening Ceremony & Chloe Sevigny collaboration.

There's one pair left, and they're my size, and they're so perfect. BUT are they worth getting my credit card out for?

Maybe this is where that stimulus cheque from a certain Mr. Rudd will be going...


  1. I think they're defenitely worth it:)

  2. hahahaha yes, I think that's EXACTLY what krudd's money is for. I haven't decided what I'm spending my money on yet... there are so many beautiful things, so little money... Actually there are some GORGEOUS Hussein Chalayan shoes I have my eye on...

    Yeah I revisited the Rodarte Fall 2008 collection at your recommendation... and I do love the sheer blouses with the little collars and some of the dresses. But that knitwear just reminds me of someone's year 12 art project and some shit I made in 2nd year uni.

    Anyway I'm always open to changing my mind, so I'll keep checking it out :)

  3. Buy them. ;) They are very cool and because they are so quirky makes them have more lasting power.