Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday was Valentines Day. Most people class Valentines Day into one of four categories:

1. A day of love and happiness
2. A day of hideous depression
3. A commercially crass non-holiday
4. A complete non-event

I waver between putting it in 1, 3 and 4 - depending on my mood, and who I have to share it with.

This year it was a day of love - and I got given the cutest pony necklace! I love how it ties into the whole tribal thing, but is totally unique.

I'm also wearing this killer fang ring by No Tommorow - it's actually a friend of mine's and she lost it when we were out for her farewell - she moved to London on Monday and I found the ring in my bag on the Saturday! Looks like I'll have to post it back... I might have to invest in one for myself though - I love! The sheer mesh top I'm wearing was thrifted for $6- Bargain!


  1. that ring is sooo dope. i saw one on but it was way over priced.

  2. Wow that horse necklace looks realy original and quirky ! is it heavy ? what's the horse made of ?
    I'd love to see somehting as quirky matched with an outfit.